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What is a patent ?

A patent is an intellectual property right which protects a technical innovation, i.e. a technical solution to a technical problem. It is an exclusive right, allowing the patent owner to forbid the exploitation of the claimed invention without his consent. A patent is a “contract” between its owner and the State which grants an exclusive right in exchange of a complete disclosure of the invention to the public. The patent protection is granted for a limited period (20 years) on a given territory.

Patent law is governed by the European patent Convention for Europe and by the French Intellectual Property Code for France.

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> Obtaining of Patent Rights

Cabinet PLASSERAUD’s patent attorneys and patent engineers are competent in all technical fields, thus allowing us to offer our clients, whether they be small or medium size firms, or multinational firms, the best possible advice for the preparation and drafting of patent applications in French and English.

Our rigorous drafting procedures and subsequent handling of prosecution is based on the practice of the major patent offices, particularly the European, US, and Japanese Patent Offices.

At Cabinet PLASSERAUD, our patent attorneys actively participate in establishing our clients’ strategies for filing patent applications in France and abroad, taking into consideration their commercial development policy, as well as their budgets, in order to obtain the best possible protection.

During prosecution and granting procedures for both French and foreign applications, we work in close cooperation with our clients to propose adapted response strategies, while always strictly monitoring all deadlines.


> Patent searches and technology watches

Cabinet PLASSERAUD has a separate search department for patent matters, whose technical expertise and experience comprise, in particular: 

  • establishing the state of the art
  • prior art searches
  • freedom-to-market searches
  • structural searches in chemistry
  • technology sector and competitor searches


The search department is managed by a French Patent Attorney who has significant experience in the patent search area.


> Litigation

Cabinet PLASSERAUD regularly advises, assists and represents its clients in opposition and appeal proceedings before the various patent offices, in particular the European Patent Office.

We also advise and assist our clients in litigation procedures before the courts, in close cooperation with barristers who are specialized in intellectual property. We perform saisie-contrefaçon procedures, an invaluable tool for obtaining evidence of infringement.

We further assist our clients in their negotiations with third parties, and in preparing contracts with respect to intellectual property matters.


> Opinions

In cooperation with our search department, our patent attorneys are able to rapidly provide our Clients with patentability, validity, and freedom-to-market opinions.

Our patent attorneys are also experienced in due diligence matters concerning patent portfolios and, more generally, can assist our Clients in the organization of their intellectual property assets.

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