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> Availability Searches

Prior rights searches are conducted by Cabinet Plasseraud, enabling clients to determine:

  • whether the sign is available for use and/or registration,
  • all conflicting prior rights and in such cases, whether it would be more appropriate to adopt another sign, or whether it is possible to free the trademark for use and registration notably by means of coexistence agreements and/or revocation actions.


A full search report is provided to the client. This report includes a legal analysis of the prior rights identified in the search as well as practical advice for the evaluation of the relevance of the prior rights identified.


> Filing of Trademark Applications

All first trademark filings are electronically monitored so that convention priority reminders for any foreign filings are periodically sent to clients.

Cabinet Plasseraud also systematically advises clients concerning filing strategies based on how the brand is to be developed and in which countries.


> Case Prosecution

The firm systematically informs all clients on receipt of all official letters from Examining Offices and proposes a suitable response strategy for overcoming any objections raised and continually keeps clients duly informed concerning all responses filed.

Case files are managed according to local practice of the country of examination and all official deadlines are closely monitored so as to obtain registration as rapidly as possible.


> Renewals

Cabinet Plasseraud provides a complete portfolio management service, informing clients of all renewal deadlines and providing all documentation required to maintain the relevant trade mark rights in force.


> Trademark Watching Service

More than 95% of the contentious files managed by Cabinet Plasseraud are settled amicably, notably by negotiation of a coexistence agreement or withdrawal of the conflicting trade mark.


> Domain Names

Domain names are also managed by the firm’s records database, thus enabling the filing, watching and renewal of domain names.

We also propose suitable strategies for identifying the most effective domain name registration policy depending on the nature and geographical scope of the given client’s activities and the positioning of their competitors.

Clients may access their domain name portfolio directly via our website.



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