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Experience has shown that a well thought-out intellectual property strategy, implemented very early on, plays a significant role in the development and business valuation of start-ups. Intellectual property assets, especially patents, become critical during fundraising or acquisition operations.


Cabinet Plasseraud has been assisting start-ups for many years. We firmly believe that today’s most innovative start-ups will become tomorrow’s large companies, and they form a strategic priority for our firm.


Plasseraud Start-up is our dedicated team to make Plasseraud’s extensive experience available to young entrepreneurs.
This team can provide start-ups like you with prompt assistance in due diligence or fundraising process but also at any stage of your development, supporting you from the very beginning:

  • Development of an intellectual property (IP) strategy according to your business plan and your partnerships,
  • Filing of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and domain names,
  • Preparation of essential contracts: non-disclosure agreements, co-ownership contracts, assignments, license agreements etc.,
  • Analysis of the competition:  identification of competitor’s potentially blocking IP rights, risk assessment, challenging third party patent rights, monitoring technological developments,
  • State of the art search for a given technology. 


With Plasseraud Start-up, you also benefit from the expertise of our subsidiaries in IP financial valuation (FIVALOR), in the anti-counterfeiting field (CONTRATAK), as well as from a strong international network (foreign IP agents and IP attorneys at law).


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Plasseraud Start-up team: 

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