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In 1973, a few years after the passing of René PLASSERAUD, and in tribute to him, the firm definitively took on the name of "Cabinet Plasseraud"

The 1980’s saw the departure of Ernest GUTMANN and Yves PLASSERAUD who, in agreement with the other partners, decided to establish their own firm. A totally independent structure, “ERNEST GUTMANN YVES PLASSERAUD” was established by them.

During the reorganisation at Cabinet PLASSERAUD, Didier BOULINGUIEZ, head of the Intellectual Property Department of one of the firm’s major clients in the food industry was called upon to become partner in 1990, and then Francis BEROGIN in 1994.

In 1999 Cabinet PLASSERAUD opened an office in Lyon, headed by Raphaël FLEURANCE (partner since 2007). Currently twelve associates and eleven administrative staff members work in our Lyon Office.

In the 2000's, Bertrand LOISEL, Eric BURBAUD (in the Electronics/Telecommunications and Mechanical sectors), Guylène KIESEL LE COSQUER (Trademarks), Cyra NARGOLWALLA (Pharmaceutical and Biotech), Raphaël FLEURANCE (Chemistry/Pharmacy and Biotech, Trademarks and Designs) and Albert HASSINE (Electronics/Telecommunications and Mechanical) also became partners.

In 2008, we opened our Shanghai office which now has 13 employees. In September 2009 we opened an office in Lille, the latter having expanded as result of close cooperation with Duthoit Legros Associates, located in the region for about 25 years.

In 2010, Cabinet Plasseraud opened a new office in Toulouse.
Cabinet Plasseraud is expanding its activities, and will be closer to clients located in the South West of France.

More recently, August 2011, Cabinet Plasseraud opened a new office in Prague in Partnership with Korejzová & Co, a Czech IP Law Firm of Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys. This office is headed by Eric Burbaud, Partner at Cabinet Plasseraud, jointly with Petra Korejzová. Eric Burbaud also continues his activities in Paris.

In 2012, Cabinet Plasseraud expands its activities in South-West France via its close cooperation with Cabinet Morelle & Bardou, a major player in the IP field of the region for over 35 years.

Cabinet Plasseraud continued its growth in 2012 with the acquisition of Cabinet Derambure Conseil in Paris.

Cabinet Plasseraud thus intends to broaden its presence in Europe and to consolidate its international development.

Over the last ten years, the firm’s activities have grown significantly, causing it to double in size. Cabinet PLASSERAUD is now well-known as one of the top three French firms in the field of intellectual property.


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