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> Who is the Industrial Property Attorney ?

An IP Attorney is an Industrial Property specialist belonging to a profession subject to regulations.  In France, only the qualified individuals who are officially registered on the national list kept by the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI) are authorized to practice under the title “Conseil en Propriété Industrielle”.

This title constitutes a guarantee of competence and respect of particularly stringent ethical rules, in particular concerning responsibility, observance of professional secrecy, and handling of conflicts of interest.

Given their technical and/or legal training and their experience, IP Attorneys can deal with any issue concerning protection of Intellectual Property rights and can represent clients, in particular before official organizations, in France and worldwide.  

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> What is the Role of an Industrial Property Attorney ?

With competences in different areas (technical expertise, legal and judicial expertise, economic expertise, European and international expertise), an IP Attorney can offer a comprehensive range of services. 

An IP Attorney assists companies (SMEs as well as multinational companies) or individuals in defining their Industrial Property strategy in France, in Europe, and worldwide.

With their expertise and global vision, IP Attorneys can help you to define and implement a strategy of protection, defend your IP rights and titles, and develop the economic value of your IP portfolios.