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> For its high value added expertise

Cabinet Plasseraud has one of the largest team of highly qualified scientific and legal professionals in France, which enables us to provide you with excellence in specific and varied fields.  You can locate a specialist in a given field by using our search engine (search by key word or specialisation).

Continuous knowledge-sharing between our professionals of differing backgrounds and their individual complementary training strengthens the quality of the expertise provided.

> For its reputation

Cabinet Plasseraud is one of the oldest and largest intellectual property law firms in France and Europe.

Founded in 1906, the firm today numbers some 230 staff including over 100 attorneys.

Our attorneys participate in numerous events and conferences in the intellectual property field, both in France and abroad, as either speakers or coordinators and are active members in numerous associations in the IP field.

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> For the security and reliability of its operating procedures

The security of our operating procedures is ensured by high performance software tools and strict organization of our administrative departments, the efficiency of which has been borne out by obtaining the ISO 9001 normative standard in July 2007, which has been confirmed several times since.

You can therefore have complete confidence in entrusting the management of your IP rights to our firm.

> For its international dimension

The international impact of Cabinet Plasseraud is one of its major attributes. Our attorneys are qualified before :

  • the European Patent Office (EPO),
  • the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO),
  • the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),
  • the French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI),
  • the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),
  • the Japanese Patent Office (JPO),
  • the Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO),
  • the State Intellectual Property Office of Popular Republic of China (SIPO)
  • the Czech Industrial Property Office (CZ IPO).


The firm also has an international presence:

  • in Europe with an office in Prague, Czech Republic,
  • in Asia, with an office in Shanghai, China.

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> For its ability to evolve

Our firm has always strived to evolve and grow.  After several years of strong growth in our Paris office, the firm has continued its expansion in other French cities (Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Dijon, Bordeaux and Angoulême) and abroad (Shanghai and Prague).

Numerous other projects are currently in progress thus that our firm continued its dynamic evolution for the future and the resulting benefits in managing your portfolio of IP rights.

> For its dynamic and forward thinking

Sharply aware of all legal or technical innovations, we have created numerous specific services (FIVALOR for the evaluation of intangible property rights, CONTRATAK for anti counterfeiting, NTIC for new technologies) in order that a suitable solution may be provided to each new question or development in the field of intellectual property and related rights.

This dynamism is the reason why Cabinet Plasseraud is a ground-breaker in the IP field.

You can therefore benefit from the largest range of services available in our area of expertise in line with developments in our field (evaluation, counterfeiting, new technologies).

> For its culture and values

Responsive and available, Cabinet Plasseraud’s team combines all the culture of private practice with a practical overview of our field.

Open minded, willingness to achieve, self reliant and having a sense of responsibility are the core qualities that characterise our staff.

In placing the client at the centre of their working ethos, our attorneys develop strong ties with clients.  Close proximity and an ability to listen are fundamental to being able to draw advantage from their scientific or legal knowledge and experience whilst optimising cost expenditure in IP related issues.

Cabinet Plasseraud falls squarely within this constructive framework and is ready to assist you in your business development strategy.