360-degree comprehensive patent support:  Plasseraud IP Patents takes pre-emptive action, from filing your patent to seeing it granted, and from identifying third-party blocking patents to invalidity or infringement actions.
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Trademarks and designs underpin your company's individuality, identifying signs that serve as a touchstone for your clients. We are here to guide you through the increasingly complex task of protecting your identity in France and abroad, ensuring you enjoy the legal coverage that reflects your...
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Our team’s tech-oriented legal experts are highly experienced and passionate about their work. They support you through protecting and defending your rights on the Internet, and help ensure your digital projects comply with legislation.
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Industrial property: what's the story? Plasseraud IP Start-up is our team of intellectual property experts, specialising in start-ups and on hand to help from start to finish.
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An Intellectual Property right is an asset in itself - all the more so when its value is astutely developed. Our multidisciplinary team will support you in developing a bespoke valorisation strategy, contractualising your high added-value partnerships and carrying out monetary valuations of your...
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A team of Intellectual Property attorneys specialising in the winemaking sector and its specific requirements.
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Plasseraud IP Anti-counterfeiting is an entity dedicated to the fight against anti-counterfeiting. Our main objective is to provide companies, regardless of sector, size, knowledge of the matter or geographical area involved, with the best possible strategy to efficiently stem counterfeiting.
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Plasseraud IP Avocats will support and represent you at every stage of legal proceedings concerning intellectual property or related matters, whether you are claimant or defendant.
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