Atom Tong Xi Jun

Atom Tong Xi Jun

Chinese Industrial Property Council


Tel: +33 (0)1 40 16 70 00

Atom Tong received his LL.M. Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property from Shanghai University, a post-graduate program in Intellectual Property Rights, the first and currently the only IP Education Program in China. Prior to joining Cabinet Plasseraud’s Shanghai office, Plasseraud IP Limited (Shanghai) in 2008, Atom worked as a trainee engineer with Siemens Industry Building Consultant (SIBC), in Munich, Germany, in 2006. Atom focuses on all field of transactional IP matters in China, he is specialized in trademark prosecution, IP research, as well as in patent prosecution as a technology specialist.

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Practice areas

Patent Prosecution (China)
New Technologies and Internet Law
IP Research in China


Masters of Intellectual Property (Shanghai University, 2009)

Bachelors, Civil Engineering (Shanghai University, 2006)


Chinese, English, French