Advising our clients, protecting and defending their Intellectual Property rights are at the heart of our business and, by the same token, of our quality management system.

We are convinced that the sustainability and development of our practice depends on the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement of our services, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

In an increasing complex global economic environment, it is more than ever our objective to ensure that our clients systematically receive a high level of service, underpinned by responsiveness combined with an acute ability to listen to our clients’ needs and also continuous training of all staff.

Our quality management system enables us to constantly monitor these objectives, as shown by our ISO 90011 certification, which is testament to our abiding commitment to the quality system and the involvement of the resources necessary to achieve these objectives.

The underlying purpose of ISO 9001 certification is to actively contribute to improving the understanding and efficiency of operational processes and associated internal communication within an organization.

ISO management system standards make it possible to take into account internal and external issues and associated risks and to develop within Plasseraud IP a culture based on an automatic cycle of self-assessment, correction and continuous improvement of operations and processes based on employee awareness and management commitment and guidance.

We undertake every effort possible to ensure that this synergy can operate effectively and to reward the trust that you place in our firm.

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