Fictitious cases

Mr. Jean has an idea.

#1 - M. Jean has an idea.

#2 - M. Jean is fascinated by his concept and works relentlessly for 2 years, without having time to take care of the protection of his product.

#3 - M. Jean participates in exhibitions and trade fairs. His idea is very successful.

#4 - M. Jean is ready to get started, but he receives a warning letter from an American who holds a European patent and claims that Mr. Jean is infringing it.

#5 - M. Jean has a good cry... And urgently consults Plasseraud IP.

#6 - Plasseraud IP Start-Up advises M. Jean and proposes that he modify his original project so he does not infringe the American rival’s patent anymore.

#7 - M. Jean perfects his project and protects it with the assistance of Plasseraud IP Patents.

#8 - M. Jean’s product has its own design that Plasseraud IP Trademarks & Designs advises to protect with a model.  

#9 - M. Jean wants to protect his brand too. Plasseraud IP Trademarks & Designs makes a prior trademarks search and files the trademark application.

#10 - M. Jean sells thousands of copies of his product in France.

#11 - M. Jean needs money to develop his idea internationally. With fundraising in mind, he asks Plasseraud IP Contracts & Valuation to estimate the value of his intellectual property. Plasseraud IP Contracts & Valuation assists Mr. Jean in the negotiation of his agreements with the investors.

#12 - He launches his website to promote his product and to market it on a larger scale. For this, he benefits from the expertise of Plasseraud IP Internet & Data.

#13 - M. Jean discovers that a third party is using his brand. Plasseraud IP Anti-Counterfeiting launches investigations and organizes the seizure of all counterfeited goods.

#13Bis - M. Jean is assisted by Plasseraud IP Avocats to obtain the conviction of the infringer and damages for the prejudice incurred.

#14 - M. Jean's product is now sold everywhere. His success grows... and grows...

#15 - ... and grows... and M. Jean decides to invest in a small organic wine domain. He receives advice of Plasseraud IP Wine on the protected geographical designation of the wines he could produce there.

#16 - M. Jean is happy… and serene.