Newsletter March 2022
Bertrand Loisel
Unified Patent Court
The Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement signed in 2013 is a breakthrough for pan-European patent (...)
Govaert Marie, Denis Bourgarel
Clinical trials : implementation of the new regulation
Implementation of the new European clinical trials regulation 536/2014 on medicinal products for (...)
Isabelle Labarre, Catherine Touati
Certificat Complémentaire de Protection
翻訳 : 竹下敦也 This article is also available in English. 2022年1月、UP/UPC(単一特許・統一特許裁判所) (...)
Marie Pusel
翻訳 : 髙橋洋江 破棄院商事部が、ある共通の問題を提起した二つの事件の付託を受けた : 商標を使用していないにも関わらず、商標出願を行っただけで侵害行為になるのか?   (...)
Newsletter January 2022
Fabian Lieb
 German Patent Act
Injunctions: reducing the gap and the hardship - 31 months for German phase entry The German (...)
Alexandre Decreton, Albert Hassine
Non-employed inventors
翻訳 : 竹下敦也 This article is also available in English. 2021年12月から施行されたフランス知財法の新しい2つの条文は、ソフトウェアおよびその文書 (...)
Fabrice Bircker, Camille Dupuch Minard
翻訳 : 髙橋洋江 NFTの出現とアーティストの新たな賭け -  レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチからクリプトキティ(Cryptokitties)1まで   (...)
Bertrand Loisel
European patent
翻訳 : 竹下敦也 This article is also available in English. 出願人の頭痛の種の終わり? 2021年12月16日の決定T1989/18において、EPO (...)
Newsletter January 2022
Isabelle Labarre
Patent Term Extension
On June 01, 2021, the fourth amendment of Patent Law in China entered into effect.  This amendment (...)
Laurence Loumes , Mathias Robert
patent eligibility
The first hurdle to patent an invention in the USA is to pass the patent eligibility bar of 35 U.S. (...)
Newsletter June 2021
Atom Tong Xi Jun
Chinese patent law
China is one of the most dynamic and promising economies in the world. In order to meet the demands (...)
Mathias Robert, Denis Bourgarel
Artificial Intelligence and Drug Development
Artificial intelligence (AI), like any other previous General Purpose Technology, is pervasive, (...)