Projet de lancement de nouvelles extensions génériques de noms de domaine (new GTLD)
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Launch of new generic domain name extensions (new GTLD)

Press Review

Fabrice Bircker, Head of Plasseraud IP Internet and Data, comments the options considered by ICANN for the new round of launch of new generic domain name extensions, in a new article of Managing IP.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers published in December 2022 a 400-page report that assessed the resources and possible timeframes required for a new round of launch of new gTLDs (generic top level domain). 

Two options are outlined in this report : either a-five-year period of development before the opening of a single application submission window, or repeated cycles of application every four years. Fabrice says the second option suggested by the ICANN is better for potential gTLD applicants.

It provides more visibility on the timeframe and it seems to offer the possibility to apply for new gTLD in the shorter term.

Fabrice Bircker also puts this very expensive and still uncertain opening of the Internet in perspective with the emergence of new forms of presence on the Web.

ICANN should consider the emergence of new forms of web presence within this format – such as non-fungible token domains, which are based on the blockchain technology. Although these still give rise to several legal questions and aren’t yet commonly used, they may gain visibility in the future. However, ICANN’s proposed options may be a sign that it doesn’t believe the Web3 hype.

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