Plasseraud IP à la 37ème Conférence Annuelle de l'association MARQUES
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Plasseraud IP at the 37th MARQUES Annual Conference

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Our experts, Guillaume Vermander and Frédéric Glaize, Partners, French & European Trademark and Design Attorneys, and Fabrice Bircker, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney and Head of Plasseraud IP's Internet and Data, are taking part in the 37th "MARQUES" Annual Conference, to be held in Berlin from September 19 to 22, 2023.

The theme of the conference is "IN BRANDS WE TRUST", with workshops, roundtables and conferences covering topics such as piloting brands, risk and rewards of the metavers for brands, how culture affects brand strategies, steering brands in a time of crisis, new rules for e-commerce and AI, TikTok and influencers.

This European organization, founded in 1986, aims to defend the interests of brand owners. Its most active members are grouped into working groups, as follows:

These working groups exchange ideas, including at regular intervals meetings, to anticipate and address new issues facing brand owners, and if necessary take a public stance before official bodies to protect the interests of rights holders.

More details on the event: MARQUES - 37th Annual Conference in Berlin


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