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Cabinet Plasseraud, leading French IP law firm, has a new name: PLASSERAUD IP

Press Release

Cabinet Plasseraud, founded in 1906, opens a new chapter in its history by becoming Plasseraud IP. Plasseraud IP has always been a visionary in the field of IP and consistently reinvents its processes to adapt to its clients’ needs and to legislative and business changes in the world of IP.

Over the years, the firm has grown stronger by investing in regional firms, moving closer to other leading IP firms (merger, announced in late 2018, with the French firm EGYP, with offices in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Alicante), and developing innovative services. These services include departments specializing in the financial valuation of intangible assets, transactions and assessment of damages, assistance in counterfeiting matters and a team dedicated to start-ups.

Today, all these entities come together under the Plasseraud IP banner. The 300 professionals, including 150 IP experts, together ensure the transmission of the firm’s values and offer global and cross-functional services to their customers in France and abroad (via our offices in Alicante, Prague and Shanghai).

The firm, the leading French intellectual property group and a major player in Europe, offers its clients (including large groups, SMEs, research institutions and start-ups) a complete range of high-quality services in the areas of patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, valuation of intangible assets and anti-counterfeiting.

Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer, (one of four Managing Partners), commented: “Today, our profession faces new challenges: digital transformation, development of Legaltechs, growing and diversified competition, as well as the increased weight of intangible assets in corporate strategy. We have chosen to change the name of our firm and adopt a new visual identity to mark a new stage in our history and embody a renewed ambition. Plasseraud IP has always been a pioneer in listening to its market and its customers as well as in anticipating their needs. Plasseraud IP's new website is thus a reflection of a perfectly realigned organization and strategy in order to better meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This new showcase also reflects the values ​​of the firm, which include commitment and cultural diversity” adds Cyra Nargolwalla, also Managing Partner. “Plasseraud IP brings together professionals of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. We have always been aware of this wealth and placed equal opportunities and support for the development of talents and individual skills at the heart of our corporate project. Thus, in a very natural way, Plasseraud IP has reached perfect parity and its Executive Committee is composed of 2 women and 2 men, all four IP Attorneys.

This ability to innovate and reinvent itself as unanimously recognized leader has allowed Plasseraud IP to become a privileged partner of Vivatech since 2016. The firm will be present again at the next edition "Change the World" from 16th to 18th May 2019. United under their new banner, Plasseraud IP professionals will demonstrate what they firmly place at the heart of their business: to exchange ideas, to analyse, to anticipate, to innovate....

Discover the new visual identity and the new Plasseraud IP website here:



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• 1906 founding of the technical office Weismann and Marx, the ancestor of Plasseraud IP

• 1945 René Plasseraud, remaining sole partner, asks Pierre Devant and Rodolphe Gutmann, then Henri Jacquelin to become his partners. The firm then becomes "R. PLASSERAUD P. DEVANT R. GUTMANN H. JACQUELIN".

• 1973 the firm takes the name of "CABINET PLASSERAUD" in tribute to René Plasseraud

• 1992 The profession, until now being composed only of Patent Engineers, opens its doors to Trademark & Design Attorneys.

• 1999 opening of an office in Lyon

• 2002 Guylène Kiesel Cosquer is the first woman Trademark & Design Attorney to become a partner

• 2005 creation of a specialized anti-counterfeiting structure and a legal unit dedicated to new technologies

• 2006 integration of expertise dedicated to financial evaluation

• 2008 opening of an office in Shanghai

• 2009 opening of the Lille office - and merger with the Duthoit Legros Associés office, located in the North region for more than 25 years

• 2010 opening of the Toulouse office

• 2011 pursuit of international development: opening of an office in Prague

• 2012 merger with Cabinet Morelle & Bardou, a key player in the South West region of France for more than 35 years. And acquisition of Cabinet Derambure Conseil, a major reference in Paris

• 2016 opening of an office in Bordeaux

• 2017 opening of an office in Angoulême

• 2018 opening of an office in Grenoble. Plasseraud and EGYP merge

• 2019 birth of Plasseraud IP, leading intellectual property group in Franc

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