Plasseraud IP and Aramis secure victory for Enyx against Novasparks

Plasseraud IP and Aramis secure victory for Enyx against Novasparks

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JUVE Patent, the German publication that has become a reference in the legal world and dedicated to patent law in Europe, reports in an article the victory of Aramis and Plasseraud IP in the patent litigation between Enyx and Novasparks.

Enyx, a unicorn startup providing solutions for specialized computers to quickly place stock orders online, and founded in 2011 by six former Novasparks employees, filed applications for patents EP-2858323, EP-2858024 and EP-2858025. All of them aim at protecting a method and device for decoding market data, according to a technology able to process a very large amount of data in a very short amount of time.

Novasparks filed a patent ownership claim against Enyx, providing an expert report on the alleged functionality of a software created by Novasparks, which then claimed that the functionality was the reason for Enyx's three patent applications.

The court finally dismissed the claim because it had not been sufficiently proven that Novasparks was the originator of the invention, since, among other reasons, an expert report by Enyx showed that the software did not perform the functions presented in the three patent applications.

With their technical expertise, Albert Hassine, Partner, and Alexandre Decreton, Patent Attorney, assisted a team of lawyers from Aramis in Paris, particularly in the analysis of the software and the patent applications at stake, in coordination with Enyx's experts in this case.

The dispute is described in an article entitled "Enyx and Aramis prevail against Novasparks over software ownership" written by Konstanze Richter for Juve.

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