Plasseraud IP, partenaire de ChangeNOW 2021, 1er salon international des solutions pour la planète

Plasseraud IP, partner of the international summit ChangeNOW 2021

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Plasseraud IP is delighted to be a partner of ChangeNOW 2021, the world's largest gathering of solutions for the planet on May 27, 28 and 29 online. Its 4th edition will present 1000 solutions, 500 top speakers & innovators, 250 pitches.

27 may 2021 at 11 am  workshop (open to public) "Les défis de l’innovation face au changement climatique : 
investissement et financement". Speakers: Stéphanie Albiero (Senior EU Project Leader, FI Group), Pierre Naviaux (Sustainable Development Project Manager/Comité Champagne); Charlotte Montaud (Trademark & Design Attorney, Head of Plasseraud IP (Contrats & Valorisation) – Moderator: Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer (Managing Partner, Plasseraud IP),

- 28 may 2021 à 10 am workshop (open to public) "Assurer la viabilité des innovations à impact positif : 
la propriété intellectuelle au cœur de la stratégie de développement". Speakers: Lambert Trénoras (CEO & Founder/Gyrolift); Nadine Rocaboy (French & European Patent Attorney Partner, Head of Plasseraud IP Start-up), 

- 28 may 2021 à 5 pm Pitch Session "Tech for Change" (open to public). Charlotte Leleu, French & European Patent Attorney, specialized in artificial intelligence, will introduce the session.

We are convinced that intellectual property, being an accelerator and protector for PositiveImpact innovation, plays an active role in sustainable development. Tech for Change, Inclusion, Food & Agriculture, Health… The aspects of the change are numerous! 

More information about ChangeNOW event.

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