Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer appelle à une réglementation adaptée à l'IA dans Les Échos
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Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer advocates for tailored regulation on AI in Les Échos


Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer, Partner at Plasseraud IP and President of the CNCPI - Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle, and Enrico Priori, Secretary of the CNCPI, have called for the need to create a regulatory framework specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting the importance of updating intellectual property concepts to address the challenges introduced by AI technologies in an op-ed published in Les Échos on January 31, 2024.

Already mentioned in the Villani report in 2018, the CNCPI reiterates the need to further integrate intellectual property into debates and the national AI strategy. Two weeks after the publication of the final version of the AI Act, the CNCPI is eager to contribute to the development of regulations that recognize the specificities of AI while preserving the integrity and effectiveness of the intellectual property system.

The argument for such a framework is detailed in the article "IA: la propriété intellectuelle, grande oubliée ?" by Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer and Enrico Priori, published in Les Échos on January 31, 2024. [This digital edition is accessible to subscribers]

Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer is a member of the Executive Committee of the Plasseraud IP group and leads its legal practice. She is is currently serving her third term as Head of the CNCPI. Her leadership and entrepreneurial career have earned her the Order of Merit, recognizing her contributions and efforts during her presidency.


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