JUB : optimisation du processus d'opt-out par API

Unified Patent Court: optimization of the API opt-out process


The Unified Patent Court has announced yesterday that an optimized API opt-out process will be in place as of 1st of March, at the beginning of the Sunrise period.

This revised process for opt-out via API will be active starting from the 2nd Sunrise practice, which will start as of 13th of February. External users will be able to test the new process, update their system accordingly and ensure that they have sufficient preparation for the Sunrise period. In this context, the practice period which was supposed to end on 24 February will be extended until the end of March.

The new set of guidelines and specifications for developers can be downloaded on the UPC website:

The UPC comments : “The API process for opt-out has been revised to provide the fastest response time possible to the external users. Eventually, this new process will enhance the external users experience for a better usage of the CMS APIs. These changes are implemented based on the external user’s feedback from the 1st Sunrise Practice Period.

For more information:

Our experts at Plasseraud IP are following these developments very closely in order to be ready for the start of the Sunrise period.

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