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Customs Application and Request for renewal: French Customs goes green!


For the stake of protection of the environment and saving paper forms, the French General Customs Directorate (DGDDI) specifies that new customs applications for action and requests for renewal based on the EU Regulation 608/2013 and the French IP code, as well as their attachments, must now be sent only in electronic format and by email to the following contact address:

Mailing is no longer required. The only dematerialized sending is enough but original documents must be kept in case of later request.

The original approval will then be sent to the applicant by e-mail as soon as the handle of the application has been processed.

In addition, the DGDDI specifies that until the end of 2022, dual filing remains possible for a new application for action (not for a renewal request) between filing via the IPEP portal* or sending the application via email to the DGDDI.

However, it is important to underline that when using IPEP portal, it is still necessary to send by email to the DGDDI a copy of the Customs application signed by hand.

Plasseraud IP Anti-counterfeiting stands at your disposal for any further information.

*Dematerialization and centralization of the filing requests for customs Application for Action

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