Plasseraud IP Anti-contrefaçon & React : partenaires de confiance dans la lutte mondiale contre la contrefaçon

Plasseraud IP Anti-counterfeiting & React: trusted partners in the global fight against counterfeiting

Since its establishment in 2006, Plasseraud IP Anti-counterfeiting has emerged as the trusted partner in France for the Dutch legal association, React. With 30 years of experience, React's goal is to support its members, rights holders, in their global fight against counterfeiting.

To date, no fewer than 350 companies benefit from React's membership status, thus pooling their resources and ambitions to preserve the integrity of their products in global markets. Their strong alliance enables the association to provide a comprehensive range of market surveillance services, both physical and virtual, as well as to skilfully coordinate requests for customs intervention in countries where feasible. This cooperation ensures effective collaboration with customs authorities worldwide, thereby enhancing the protection of intellectual property rights.

In 2023, as a partner in France, our determination in the fight against counterfeiting was recognized across all sectors of the industry, achieving exemplary rankings compared to other countries, both in terms of the number of cases handled and the quantity of products seized. This success is largely attributable to the commitment of the French authorities (customs and Gendarmerie) in combating counterfeiting and highlights our position among the leading players in defending trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Illustration of our significant impact in various domains:

  • Telephones: Among the top 3 countries, with 3,503,501 products seized and 360 cases handled.
  • Sportswear: Among the top 10 countries, with 37,938 products seized and 89 cases handled.
  • Automotive: Among the top 6 countries, with 77,993 products seized and 52 cases handled.
  • Luxury and ready-to-wear: Among the top 12 countries, with 35,662 products seized and 153 cases handled.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment: Among the top 4 countries, with 2,237 products seized and 15 cases handled.
  • Games/entertainment and accessories: Among the top 4 countries, with 4,834,778 products seized and 160 cases handled.
  • Jewelry/watches: Among the top 10 countries, with 12,984 products seized and 42 cases handled.
  • Sports: Among the top 5 countries, with 331 products seized and 6 cases handled.

The team at Plasseraud IP Anti-counterfeiting is at your disposal to answer your questions and assist you in your dealings with customs authorities.

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