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Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer
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Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer appelle à une réglementation adaptée à l'IA dans Les Échos
  Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer, Partner at Plasseraud IP and President of the CNCPI - Compagnie (...)
Cyra Nargolwalla
Navigating the impact of AI adoption on firms pricing: insights from Cyra Nargolwalla in a recent article by Managing IP
Cyra Nargolwalla, Managing Partner, is quoted in a Managing IP article discussing the impact of AI (...)
Charlotte Leleu
AI : UK High Court Decision Recognizes Technical Contribution of Trained ANN and Diverges From EPO’s Approach
In a decision issued on November 21, 2023, the UK High Court overturned a previous ruling by the UK (...)
Laurence Loumes
The question of inventorship in AI inventions to reach the US Supreme Court
The DABUS saga is reaching a new milestone as the case has been requested to be picked up by the US (...)
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ChangeNOW 2022
Plasseraud IP partner of ChangeNOW 2022 For the 3rd consecutive year, Plasseraud IP is pleased to (...)
Newsletter September 2021
Mathias Robert
Patent eligibility
Artificial intelligence enables machines to learn from experience and mimic human behavior on (...)
Mathias Robert, Denis Bourgarel
Patents, Mechanics - Electronics - IT, Biology Chemistry
Artificial Intelligence and Drug Development
Artificial intelligence (AI), like any other previous General Purpose Technology, is pervasive, (...)
Mathias Robert, Charlotte Leleu
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méthodes de simulation
This article is also available in French. The Enlarged Board of Appeal of the European Patent (...)
Newsletter January 2021
Mathias Robert
Patents, Mechanics - Electronics - IT, Internet & Data
Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance and Patents
From the article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", written by Alan Turing in 1950, to the (...)
Newsletter March 2020
Laurence Loumes
Patents, Mechanics - Electronics - IT
As AI creeps into our daily lives, new sets of questions are forcing us to revaluate the boundaries (...)
Newsletter January 2020
Charlotte Leleu, Bertrand Loisel
simulation methods
In October 2019, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) updated its Guidelines (...)