INTA Annual Meeting : Ina Schreiber citée dans Managing IP
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INTA and Patent Lawyers : Ina Schreiber quoted in Managing IP

Press Review

Our expert, Ina Schreiber, Partner, is quoted in an article about INTA’s Annual Meeting published by Managing IP.

The article discusses INTA’s efforts to attract patent lawyers to its annual meeting. While some welcome the shift, many still see INTA as primarily focused on trademarks. The article relates that patent practitioners believe INTA offers limited value compared to patent-specific events, but that it remains a valuable networking platform and may need to further expand into patents due to market changes, like AI's impact on trademarks.

Discover how Ina Schreiber, as a French, European and German Patent Attorney perceives it.

Read the article “Patent lawyers keen to join INTA’s ranks but need value proof” (for subscribers only)

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