Plasseraud IP parmi les meilleurs cabinets de conseil en marques en France selon WTR 1000 2024
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Plasseraud IP parmi les meilleurs cabinets de conseil en marques en France selon WTR 1000 2024

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer que Plasseraud IP se distingue une nouvelle fois parmi les meilleurs cabinets de conseil en marques selon World Trademark Review, dans l’édition 2024 de sa publication WTR 1000. Classé dans la catégorie Gold et qualifié d’un des cabinets les plus fiables d’Europe, le groupe ainsi que ses experts sont identifiés comme « brillants » par la revue.

Patrons regard Plasseraud IP “as one of the most trustworthy agencies in Europe, due to its exemplary and professional services provided by its qualified staff. The practitioners at Plasseraud IP are brilliant. They offer very good, very professional advice on trademark and patent portfolios. They are very responsive, pragmatic and reliable. They are easy to work with and they have the capacity to handle fast-moving and large-scale portfolios. One notable aspect of Plasseraud’s approach is their balanced strategy in cases involving brands and domain names, always prioritising practical solutions that make business sense over prolonged legal battles. Their unwavering attention to detail and dedication to professional conduct always impress. Their knowledge and experience offer us assurance of specialised expertise […]"

Pour la première fois cette année, WTR 1000 dévoile le classement EUIPO. Plasseraud IP est fier d’être classé dans la catégorie Bronze pour cette première édition du classement, basé sur les cabinets identifiés comme les principaux déposants auprès de l’Office.

9 de nos experts sont classés à titre individuel :

  • Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer, Managing Partner et Responsable du Département Juridique de Plasseraud IP, dans les classements « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Gold, et « Contentieux » en catégorie Bronze

Guylène’s longstanding dedication to trademark and design matters makes her stand out in the profession. She has always given thorough advice which meets her clientele’s expectations. She is one of the most brilliant attorneys I have ever worked with. Her vast knowledge and experience are highly valuable assets to the legal domain. She displays extraordinary leadership and management skills. She has consistently been available to provide valuable input whenever required. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property, notably in France and Europe, are instrumental in guiding effective trademark strategy. With her business-oriented approach, strategic view and innate leadership, she is an unparalleled opinion leader in trademark practice.”

  • Patrick Boyle, Associé, dans le classement « Procédure et Stratégie » en catégorie Silver

Patrick is a trusted adviser for trademark searches, EUIPO filings, trademark enforcement matters and agreement negotiations. Patrick has demonstrated the ability to adapt to the requirements of each client’s business. He maintains a calm and professional demeanour, and his responsiveness in managing the many challenges faced by patrons is noteworthy. His concise and approachable communication style has been appreciated. Furthermore, Patrick’s combination of legal and business expertise proves valuable in litigation and conflict resolution. Patrick’s professionalism and attention to detail are evident in every case, and his ability to seamlessly integrate international expertise into his work is impressive. Patrick’s professionalism and commitment guarantee that his clients receive the best representation possible. Additionally , his analytical approach enables him to identify innovative and successful legal strategies. He is exceedingly competent at providing pragmatic and strategic advice. He is commercially savvy and responsive as well as positive, while giving advice and getting the best results. He is charming, a delight to work with and an excellent relationship manager. He has obtained many great results for his clientele at reasonable cost. He has his finger on the pulse when it comes to developments and trends within the industry. He is a go-to associate for trademark matters in France."

  • Laurent Nowak, Associé, dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Silver

Working with Laurent Nowak makes everything easier. He is a very smart and professional attorney. He is accessible and always to the point, offering creative ideas aiming to protect clients’ rights on a fair budget. Laurent provides sound opposition advice and obtains swift and effective resolutions. He has also assisted on an infringement action, and his advice was clear and sensible. Laurent’s advice is always clearly and thoroughly presented. He manages all aspects of each case in an outstanding manner. He is always responsive and never makes us wait for any answers. He is a pleasure to work with.

  • Guillaume Vermander, Associé, dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Bronze

“[Guillaume] Vermander is a specialist in IP valuation, who spent time in-house at a luxury goods company where he focused on protecting 3D marks.”

  • Frédéric Glaize, Associé, dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Bronze

Rounding out the team in Paris is Frédéric Glaize, who is renowned across the market for his expertise in the design arena. He leads the firm’s design department, defending, managing and commercialising portfolios for businesses in a wide array of sectors. A thought leader, [Frédéric] Glaize maintains one of the oldest blogs dedicated to intellectual property, which has published more than 1,600 articles.

  • Charlotte Montaud, Associée, dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Bronze

“ [Charlotte] Montaud is the group’s head of IP contracts and valuation. She specialises in engineering precise, high-calibre contracts for SMEs, start-ups, international corporations and research institutions. A thought leader in the IP transactions space, she is the president of the contract committee of the CNCPI.

  • Philippe Picard, Associé, fait son entrée dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Bronze

Philippe Picard’s wide expertise and experience in trademark, design and other legal matters stands out. His advice to patrons is precise and instrumental to achieving success. He takes a business-critical perspective on all issues.

  • Benjamin Fontaine, Associé, fait son entrée dans le classement « Procédure & Stratégie » en catégorie Bronze

Holding down the fort in Alicante, Benjamin Fontaine is highly sought out for his expertise in geographical indications and is a very familiar face before the EUIPO.

  • Jean-Christophe Guerrini, Avocat Associé au sein de Plasseraud IP Avocats, fait son entrée dans le classement « Contentieux » en catégorie Bronze

I would strongly recommend Jean-Christophe Guerrini. He is very intelligent, strategic and takes a thoughtful approach to cases. He does not limit himself to understanding the legal intricacies of each case but is also very keen to understand the business of the client and advises the best strategy based on their business model. His writing and oral abilities are quite impressive. He can easily present complex trademark issues in simple and brief terms. I would definitely recommend Jean-Christophe and Plasseraud IP.

Merci à nos clients et partenaires pour leur confiance, et félicitations à nos équipes Plasseraud IP Marques & Modèles, Plasseraud IP Avocats et Plasseraud IP Contrats & Valorisations.

WTR 1000 est un classement annuel ayant pour but d'identifier les meilleurs cabinets de Conseils en Propriété Industrielle et Conseils à titre individuel en matière de marques dans plus de 80 juridictions. Sa méthodologie est basée sur un processus d’enquêtes approfondies auprès des différents acteurs du secteur, menées par une équipe d'analystes, et sur les dossiers de candidature des cabinets.

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