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Plasseraud IP in the Gold band of French IP law firm by WTR 1000 2022


We are delighted to announce that Plasseraud IP has been ranked among the best IP law firms in France by World Trademark Review, in its 2022 edition of the WTR 1000. The group is graded “Gold” and has been identified as crème de la crème by the review. 

Founded in 1906, and with more than 350 staff on deck – including 50 trademark and design attorneys – Plasseraud IP is one of the largest outfits of its kind both in France and across the continent. Some 1,000 clients around the globe have enlisted it for everything from filing strategy and portfolio management to representation in oppositions; all benefit from a cosmopolitan, multilingual team which includes speakers of 15 different languages, as well as practitioners qualified in jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and China. Plasseraud IP has a holistic approach, providing practical and proactive legal solutions and actively engaging in maintaining brand portfolios in a timely and judicious manner. Its services are efficient and cost effective, and its attentiveness to instructions is always full and fast.

5 of our Trademark & Design Attorneys are also named among “Recommended Individuals”:

  • Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer, Managing Partner and Head of the Legal Department, in the “Prosecution & Strategy” - Gold band - and “Enforcement & Litigation” - Bronze band - rankings
    I have known Guylène for 25 years and have always been impressed by her high competence, attention to detail, creative solutions and practical manner. An international person, she understands diverse cultures and provides foreign clients with the best advice. She is responsive and has perfect knowledge of the law. Her opinions are always very precise and she provides just the right amount of information for proper decision making.” 
  • Patrick Boyle, Partner and Co-Head of the Legal Department, in the “Prosecution & Strategy” ranking - Silver band
    Patrick’s knowledge, legal approach and business acumen are always an advantage when litigating and approaching conflicts, as he always finds what makes sense from a business perspective. Moreover, his elegance and ‘noblesse’ can be seen in his approach to cases. For example, in litigation on brands and domain names, Patrick and Plasseraud adopt a balanced position, always looking for cost-effective, straight-to-the-point solutions.
  • Laurent Nowak, Partner, in the “Prosecution & Strategy” ranking - Silver band
    [Laurent] Nowak is a customs surveillance and web and social media monitoring maven who has previously worked overseas in Australia and has lately been fending off cybersquatters on behalf of Paris St Germain.
  • Guillaume Vermander, Partner, in the “Prosecution & Strategy” ranking - Bronze band
    [Guillaume] Vermander is a deft portfolio manager and a specialist in the legal protection of databases – he also brings vast knowledge of the pharmaceutical sphere and of 3D trademark law to themix.
  • Frédéric Glaize, Partner, in the “Prosecution & Strategy” ranking - Bronze band
    If I had one word to describe Frédéric’s work, it would be ‘expert’.”
    He is passionate about trademarks – always learning, reading and writing on the subject – and is a master in the field, with an international perspective. He provides the most complete strategy and analyses all scenarios when it comes to conflicts, showing a rare ability to dive into the details while making them easy to understand for laypeople.

Thanks to our clients and partners for their trust, and congratulations to our Plasseraud IP Trademarks & Designs team.

The WTR 1000 is an annual ranking publication, dedicated to identifying the world’s leading trademark legal services providers in over 80 global jurisdictions. Its methodology is based on an extensive four-month research process conducted by a team of analysts and on written submissions from firms. 

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