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Plasseraud IP: Four New Partners!

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Plasseraud IP: Four New Partners!  

Plasseraud IP, the leading French Intellectual Property firm and a major player in Europe, is delighted to announce the appointments of four new partners: Yann Debrit and Marion Fauré within the ‘Plasseraud IP Patents department’, and Frédéric Glaize and Laurent Nowak within the ‘Plasseraud IP Trademarks & Designs department'. 
These appointments confirm the growth ambitions of Plasseraud IP - which counts 350 professionals including 150 IP experts - and demonstrates the group's capacity to provide excellent service to our clients and major career opportunities for our personnel. 


2 new partners for Plasseraud IP Patents

Yann Debrit - Plasseraud IPYann Debrit joined Plasseraud IP's Patents/Mechanics, Electronics and IT department as an IP attorney in 2016, after an initial experience in a Parisian firm.
His work focusses on the petroleum, farm machinery, machine tools, medical devices, electricity, telecommunications and IT sectors. He is also responsible for relations with INPI on IT matters and advanced user aspects of the office's online solutions (e-INPI team). Yann also teaches Intellectual Property at an engineering school and is a member of the panel of examiners for the professional IP attorney exam specialising in Patents.




Marion Fauré - Plasseraud IPMarion Fauré joined Plasseraud IP's Patents/Mechanics, Electronics and IT department in 2013. She has a PhD in lasers and dense matter and after a post-PhD course at the Ecole Polytechnique of Zürich, she gained sound IP experience with consultancy firms in Paris and the regions for 5 years, as well as two years working on intellectual property for a major automotive group.  
Marion supports key industrial accounts by managing their patent portfolios. She also assists her clients with lawsuits in France and Europe.




Plasseraud IP Patents now has one of the largest teams of engineers, chemists and biologists in France with more than 90 IP attorneys and patent engineers, including 15 partners, and over 50 European Patent Attorneys. In 2018, the teams filed over 1,350 European patent applications (EP) and 500 applications in France. Outside of Europe, more than 600 international patent applications (PCTs) were filed by the experts of Plasseraud IP Patents. 

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2 new partners for Plasseraud IP Trademarks & Designs

Frédéric Glaize - Plasseraud IPFrédéric Glaize has been an IP attorney and European trademark and design attorney at Plasseraud IP since 2008. He defends and manages portfolios of trademarks and designs for his clients and works on cases to assess IP rights. 
Frédéric leads the firm's ‘design’ department and in particular works for clients in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors. As one of the most renowned experts for designs in France, he is regularly asked to intervene, give opinions and write reports in this field by institutions and professional associations (he is a member of the ‘design’ team of MARQUES, the European association, sits on the panel of examiners for the IP attorney professional exam, specialising in Designs & Trademarks and is Chairman of the Designs & Trademarks – Copyrights Commission of CNCPI.
Frédéric also writes for the blog le petit musée des marques, which he created in 2004. 




Laurent Nowak - Plasseraud IPLaurent Nowak has been an IP attorney and a European Trademark and Design Attorney at Plasseraud IP since 2012, after a career in IP in French IP attorney firms and an Australian law firm. 
He supports his clients in protection strategies for intellectual property rights, both in terms of managing their trademark and design portfolios & domain names and in defending them. He mainly works in the sports, tobacco and retail sectors. In particular, Laurent is an expert in customs surveillance and web/social media monitoring. Laurent has been an active member of ECTA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Committee for almost 3 years.





Plasseraud IP Trademarks and Designs includes over 40 lawyers including 7 partners, dedicated to supporting companies in their strategies for filing, managing, defending and valuing their trademarks, designs and copyrights. Patents are a real challenge for companies, with patent applications reaching a historical record high in 2018 (INPI).

* * *

The appointments of Yann Debrit, Marion Fauré, Frédéric Glaize and Laurent Nowak are in line with the firm's desire to pursue its development at a time when companies are increasingly aware of the economic challenges of industrial and intellectual property - in terms of growth, searching for financing and valuation - in a context of digital transformation and intensified globalisation. 
It also demonstrates the dynamism of Plasseraud IP, which gathers professionals from a wide range of nationalities, cultures and careers. Supporting all their talents and skills is one of the fundamental values of the group. 

These four partners have developed best practices closely tied to the business sectors of Plasseraud IP clients, which require a tailor-made approach in order to achieve the common goal of growing and protecting the innovation of major groups, mid-sized companies, research organisations and start-ups.



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About Plasseraud IP 

Plasseraud IP is the leading intellectual property consulting group in France and in Europe. It gathers more than 350 professionals, including 150 Industrial Property Attorneys (CPI), lawyers and engineers. In order to protect and value of the intellectual property assets and assist its clients in all issues related to patents and trademarks, the group also has experts in contract law, digital and personal data law, as well as consultants involved in counterfeit goods seizures. The group has offices in 7 French cities (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Angoulême, Grenoble) and 4 international sites (Shanghai, Prague, Madrid and Alicante), and has Japanese, Chinese and Korean teams.  

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