Plasseraud IP is here to assist you through protecting, valuing and exploiting your intellectual property rights.

We help you define and implement your intellectual property strategy by working with you on your patents (chemistry, life sciences, mechanics, electronics, IT), trademarks, designs and models, Internet and data (domain names, GDPR), contracts and valuing intellectual property rights (portfolio audits, financial assessments, contracts) in addition to assisting you in combating IP counterfeiting and infringement and representing you before competent courts and bodies.

Our teams of patent attorneys and legal experts share a passion for innovation, a client-focused approach and the highest of standards.

Large groups, SMEs, research institutions, start-ups and company directors: your challenges are as unique as you are, and require a tailor-made approach. Plasseraud IP has been supporting innovation since 1906, developing multi-disciplinary expertise that we put to work in attending to your specific needs.

Our offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Grenoble, Angoulême, Rennes, Strasbourg, Shanghai, Alicante, Madrid, Prague and Munich ensure strong local ties as well as an outward-looking, international vision, giving us invaluable insight into the on-the-ground challenges your business faces, and equipping us with the network and tools you need to give your ideas the protection and scale they deserve.